The Chain of Command

Integral to all aspects of military education is how cadets live and work in their daily activities. The cadet wing is organized into a military chain of command to mirror the organization of the rest of the Air Force. First-class cadet commanders and their cadet staffs command 40 squadrons of approximately 100 cadets each. Those commanders in turn report to four cadet group commanders who are led by the cadet wing commander, the cadet in charge of the entire cadet wing. Supervising these cadets are Air Officer Commanding (AOC), located in each squadron and group. These Air Force officers oversee all cadet activities, provide instruction, and serve as role models as the cadets experience firsthand the processes of command and organization to accomplish the mission. The Academy Military Training Noncommissioned Officer (AMT NCO) complements the AOC and provides an enlisted role model perspective. Across the wide spectrum of cadet activities, from meals in Mitchell Hall, to the intramural athletic fields, to living arrangements within the dorms, the organizational focus is on the squadron.