The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) is responsible for determining if you meet medical standards for admission into the Academy. DoDMERB or a civilian contractor will contact you with instructions to schedule these medical-examination appointments. If your exam is accomplished by our contractor or at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF), we will pay for a complete medical and optometric examination. After you have completed the medical and optometric (eye) examination, DoDMERB will inform you and the Academy of your medical status. If there is a need for additional medical tests and/or evaluations, DoDMERB will send you a letter requesting the additional tests and/or evaluations, otherwise known as Additional Medical Information (AMI). AMIs are classified as either Administrative or Medical. All costs associated with Administrative AMIs are your responsibility. You have two options for completing medical AMIs unless specifically requested to be completed at a Military Treatment Facility. Option 1, at no cost to you and the preferred option, is to complete the requested medical AMI through a civilian examination center contracted by DoDMERB. Option 2, all costs associated with this option are your responsibility, is to complete the requested medical AMI with a private medical provider or physician of your choosing. You should visit to access information about DoDMERB and then go to “Frequently Asked Questions” (option tab “FAQs”), or for tracking your medical status click on option tab “Applicant.” You should use this Web site as your first method of obtaining information from DoDMERB.

Before you take the medical examination, review your medical history with your parents or your family physician. You must compile your medical history with care and in detail, including on the medical history form provided by DoDMERB, documentation of all illnesses, injuries and operations. You must bring a photo identification to your examination. If you are under 18 years of age, contact the examining facility to see if they require your parent or guardian to accompany you to the examination.

As part of the medical examination, you will undergo an external visual inspection of the genitalia to determine if any abnormalities are present; you may have this part of the examination done by your private physician, at your own expense if you choose. If accomplished by your private physician, a copy of the results must be mailed to DoDMERB.

Following your acceptance by the Air Force Academy and within 72 hours after your arrival at the Academy, you will undergo drug and alcohol-abuse testing as required by Public Law (Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 978). HIV testing will also be accomplished at this time. Photo identification is required.

You may view the progress of your medical examination online at any time by logging on to the DoDMERB secure Web site at: